Report 2016

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espite a tense year 2016 that has offered very little good news in terms of economy and geopolitics, we managed a healthy progression with sales of almost 35 million euros*: a growth of over 12%. Such a performance could not have been achieved without the renewed confidence of the collectors who entrusted us with their works of art. During the year we had the privilege of overseeing the auctioning off of many great collections:

- Jean-Marie Drot collection
- Sacha Guitry collection
- Russian avant-garde artists of the 80’s, a connoisseur’s collection
- Jean Amadou’s library
- Gabriel-Albert Aurier collection
- Lanzas collection of African and Contemporary Art
- Monsieur and Madame X. collection, an ensemble of works by Pierre Bettencourt
- Plaster casts from the collections of the Réunion des Musées Nationaux
- Musée de l’Erotisme erotica collection
- Enzo Mari, a connoisseur’s collection
- Hugo Pratt, a connoisseur’s collection
- Tilman collection: Prints, Modern and Contemporary Art
- Engravings by Paul Delvaux: a private collection
- Prints by Jo Delahaut: a connoisseur’s collection
- Hélène Rochas wardrobe
- Paris Match magazine: a passion for photojournalism
- The home of Gérald Watelet
- Pierre Wolfcarius collection
- A hommage to Jean Bellus
- Michel Guéranger collection

A performance that must be credited to our teams whose commitment and drive held up throughout such an intense, rich year : over 80 auction sales covering some twenty different specialties.

* This figure includes private sales